Stratovation Associates LLC

Customer Testimonials

We have worked with over 30 different clients over the course of our careers across a number of industries.  We are happy to provide additional references upon request but have outlined a few comments below. 

“I hired Gayle Jay and Lisa Parker for an exploration of how and where we could innovate as a business. This was the first time I hired them directly but the second time I have worked with Gayle.  A couple of ways I have been impressed with their services:

1) They do not take you off the hook, i.e. as the person doing the hiring I needed to be involved for a quality outcome and she expected same. This guaranteed my skin-in-the-game and the project's expected level of follow through.

2) Gayle and Lisa brought process to creativity--we could not do because we were "creating."

3) They ran a tight ship--all participants felt a responsibility to each other and to the consultants--so there was full engagement by all. Finally, the engagement resulted in clear recommendations which we can now mobilize towards. I and the team members are very happy with the engagement of Stratovation.”

Shanya Kane, VP and GM Agilent

Gas Chromatography Business


“Lisa is an experienced, insightful strategic marketer who provided excellent guidance to me as I developed new capabilities in Welch's New Ventures/Innovation program. She has a deep understanding of all phases of innovation and couples that with a keen strategic mind to help drive business growth. Lisa's deep experience base and understanding of company cultures was very helpful to me as I worked to transform Welch's New Ventures/Innovation programs.”
 Jeff Brown, Former Director of Marketing,

 “I worked closely with Gayle in my new product and business development Director roles at Avery Dennison. We used her expertise in creating new product ideas, new platform ideas and in improving our new product development processes. She was particularly good in managing through the ambiguity associated with creative brainstorming and keeping us on track in the creation of deliverables. I'm a firm believer in the processes she uses and the outcomes that those processes create.”             
Mark Hatch 
Former Director Global Business Development                                 Avery Dennison Corporation,