Stratovation Associates LLC


Stratovation Associates LLC is a growth strategy and innovation consulting consortium that specializes in Strategic Innovation.  Our process of "Stratovation" underscores the linkage of strategy and innovation to align senior management teams around a strategic vision and strategic growth opportunities for existing and new markets. Stratovation Associates' mission is to enable organizations to creatively discover their preferred future. 


Leading strategic initiatives that last from 2-12 months across numerous industries, the firm partners with cross-functional management teams to enable innovation.  Stratovation™ ignites enterprise-wide momentum through its enlightening activities which drive organizational clarity & conviction with a call-to-action.

We have developed breakthrough strategies and innovations for major corporations such as 3M, Agilent Technologies, Campbell Soup, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Spectrum Products, Schott Glass and US West. 

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